Sunday, August 31, 2014

Preview: Ines de la Fressange x UNIQLO

Images from UNIQLO's website

UNIQLO is a brand that makes me feel cooler than I actually am. Their garments are simple, unadorned, and well-made, judging from the one single solitary shirt I own.

I did a great deal of shopping in high school and consequently have a drawer of paper-thin Forever 21 and H&M shirts that I have dragged (over the years) to their final threads. I wear my clothes to death and perhaps it is high time to graduate to more sensible, good-quality things.

I first jumped onto the UNIQLO train this summer and was instantly taken by their collaboration with Ines de la Fressange, who was a pretty significant model back in the day, and has graciously lent her hand to designing a collection that can help us normal people channel her cool.

The autumn collection, like the summer one, is based on the concept of everyday luxury, a concept that is both stylish and utilitarian. The overall promotion of this collection typifies its trimmed-down, casually chic aesthetic of the Parisienne about town. Take a look around the promotion sight and it will be fairly obvious.

I prefer this aesthetic to the somewhat pretentious Scandi alternative. The palette of this collection - autumnal neutrals, navy, textured grey - is very appealing. Fabrics - tweed, velvet, corduroy, denim. I like it already.

While I obviously cannot and will not buy many pieces from this collection (or any collection), special recognition will go to the trousers and the outerwear. The tops don't really do it for me, but I certainly am on the market for straight-leg jeans and pants in a material other than denim.

The Ines de la Fressange collection will be available on September 4.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's in my makeup bag?

The contents of my makeup bag, which I occasionally take with me in my backpack on days where my mornings are too packed to do anything to improve my appearance.

The bag itself: a slim little thing from an Estee Lauder holiday collection. Very pretty, but low tolerance for things with thickness. Perhaps I'll use it as a pseudo-wallet in the future.

Actual items, now.
  • Sephora mirror from ages and ages ago.
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oil in The Isles of Demons, the fragrance of the day
  • Jordana Fabubrow pencil in Taupe

Note that all of the above are miniature sizes, excluding the eyeliner. On the occasion that I do take this creature with me, I'll be sure to use one of my small-sized Shiseido lipsticks.

  • fresh lip balm in Sugar Rose, from the 2012 Sephora birthday freebie
  • Benefit Watts Up!, from the 2013 Sephora birthday freebie
  • Shiseido lip stick in Berry Sheer, a sample from a skincare kit that my mother got eons ago. It's still good, as far as I'm concerned, and still a favorite.
  • Jordana eyeliner in Parisian Plum, which is easy to smudge onto the lash line if I'm looking too dull.
What do you keep in your makeup bag? Can you guess what the background is? Does any of this even matter?

FOTD: Heat Wave

Not actually a heat wave in northern California, but I like this look regardless of the temperature.

NYX 5 Color Shadow - I Dream of St. Marteen
e.l.f. The Little Black Book of Shadows Vol. I - de-potted
NYX round lipstick - Heredes
e.l.f. Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara - Extreme Black
Jordana eyebrow pencil - Taupe

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's in my bag? (Small cross-body version)

So this is probably a fake Gucci. Even if it were real, it's still not a real, honest-to-God handbag. It's the right size for me on my light-packing days, or if I want to impress someone with a big-name designer, which is almost never. Of my two bags, it is the more appropriate one for professional or formal occasions, even if it's probably fake.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The trials and tribulations of under-eye concealer

I am a college student, which means I certainly don't get enough sleep. Since I don't get enough sleep, I get dark circles under my eyes, ergo I need a really intense concealer.

As you may have inferred, I have no qualms about my bare face or my acne/acne scars. In fact, I couldn't care less about covering up these imperfections, mostly because people are used to seeing them. My dark circles, however, are rather annoying, and if I don't want to look like I took a line drive to the face, I need to conceal them.

I have two concealers, and here they are side by side. Right away, you can see a problem.

On the left is the completely over-hyped Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer, which is in the color nude. On the  right is a new purchase, the Rimmel Match Perfection in medium.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Thursday Post: Thrifting a dark outfit

This time's thrifting story is rather unexpected. I was in and out within the hour, picked up exactly 0% of what I went in for (a burgundy, velvet blazer like Bilbo Baggins, Sirius Black, or Hugh Hefner--mostly Hef).

Monday, December 17, 2012

A few early birthday/Christmas presents

So, I'm back home across the Bay for winter break. I live right by the downtown, so I spent a lot of time in the boutiques/cafes/Sephora in high school. I was just there on Saturday with my friends, but I figured it was time to redeem my birthday perks from Peninsula Beauty and Sephora, and to figure out what perfumes I liked.

Chronologically, I went to Peninsula Beauty where members get a free nail polish < $8.50 during their birthday month. I was debating between Essie Stylenomics (Stylenomics 2012) and OPI Live and Let Die (Skyfall 2012) but I was smitten by the OPI. Essie is rather temperamental, and I prefer the OPI brush anyhow.

Behold the monster! It has a similar base to Stylemonics, a dark viridian green. LaLD is less creamy and opaque than Stylenomics, and both pull bluer than the promo images (Stylenomics, at least) suggest.